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Dude where's the podcast?

Hey Gang its the Kiki here. How ya doing? Good good good...nice. Sooo A thing happened...
Last Saturday (6/28/14) I went into the emergency room and I did not return home until yesterday.(7/04/14) 
Between the pancreatitis, inflammation no infection luckily, and the lovely gallstones I have not been well and will not be well for awhile. I am stable though which is why I'm home but I still need to have my gallbladder removed but it can't happen for a few weeks due to the inflammation. Its a simple procedure but still its gonna set me back even more recovery wise. So I honestly do not know what I can get done during all this. I haven't even begun editing the latest podcast as we recorded it the night before I went into the hospital nor do I know when I will get around to more videos and other projects we had in the works. I DO know that I want to at least continue the podcast, it may take longer than usual, we may record less, I dunno yet that is really between my health and the lovely other people I make everything with. 
So this isn't another hiatus merely a slow down of an already slowed product.
But such is life.
See you soon.


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