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In which Bones rants about how much he likes Ah My Goddess

So here it is folks, my first solo rant, its a little rough and probably nonsensical, but it gives me a chance to practice my speaking skills. In this transmission I blather on for 15 minutes about why I think AMG has redeeming qualities and is worth your time to watch.

Yeah we are still not back and Bones is a big doody head

So you ask what the heck is happening...
stuff is happening, big stuff in a brave new world!
.... not really, but that would have been totally awesome, right?

I, Bones promise I am trying to get back on the horse and start producing more material for everyone to hear again. Kiki is still working on some family stuff and so I will not make any demands of her. I have been thinking about some things I might discuss in future episodes and think I am getting close to being able to record more material. I promise we will be back soon, life just keeps getting in the way.