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sorry guys, Bones has been really busy...

I meant to have a review up, multiple ones, but unfortunately life conspires against me. My work has been nuts, in addition to new games, and family/friend social time has left me no time to write. so sorry about the hiatus, I will hopefully be back soon. And if anyone sees Kikimaru, tell her we have podcasts to record soon!

this is Bones signing off.

In which Mr. Bones learns what earthbound Goddesses do in their spare time.

Greetings and salutations! This week in tales from Mr. Bones anime pile I finally have a chance to watch something that doesn't make my mind implode. I am happy to say I am here to breakdown why Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses was a surprise hit. What I expected was honestly not the product I watched. There is something truly amazing about the comedic genius that is making a comedy based off a slice of life romance. This spin-off seeks to answer what a bunch of beautiful goddesses do in their spare time while the main character is away at school. They shrink down to the size of mice and hangout with a rat named Gan.

Now Gan is the punching bag and straight man in the series. Perhaps not as straight as Belldandy, but lets be honest, nobody is as much of a straight woman as Belldandy. There are all kinds of misadventures through the Morisato household, including attacking big bad kaiju about the size of a 5 year old. Looking for treasure in the attic, and drinking tea. Seriously, t…

In Which Mr. Bones Learns While Chocobos Never Change, Childhood Nostalgia is a Cruel Mistress.

Another week passes in paradise and I, Mr. Bones, bring to you my thoughts on Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Raidrinn, being my cohort, humbly requested my thoughts on this foray into distilling the Final Fantasy series heart and soul into a 26 episode anime. The series has all the trappings of the classic Final Fantasy story. The series opens to a married couple who are world renown researchers in what one can only assume is some sort of quantum physics based field watching an emerging battle between two colossal titans taking place in the ocean bay outside their hometown, and just like clockwork the navy intervenes and is cut down, This mess of an opening ends with the standard dueling monster mega blast and cuts to the opening credits.

The twins, that's what I am going to refer to them as, are looking for their parents. The absentee guardians went to this wonderful alternate dimension known colloquially as "Wonderland". They apparently wrote a book on the subject. Why this …

In which Mr. Bones learns to stop worrying and love the female form.

Good day true believers! I have heard many suggestions, and taken under advisement from the Lady Kikimaru this week I am reviewing Witchblade, yes dear readers that anime based of the American comic book.

 Witchblade follows Masane Amaha, a wielder of the namesake weapon mcguffin, who is a immature single mother who some years ago after survive the big tokyo earthquake There is no real good way to describe this show without making many lame boob jokes. Seriously, look at this lady! The show centers around Masane and her daughter, Rihoko, daily struggles to stay together and remain happy. The shows dynamic is built on Masane's symbiosis with the Witchblade Gauntlet, which basically turns her into a scantly clad super heroine who fights monsters and other scantly clad super villnesses. These ladies, for a lack of a better word, orgasm fight.

Yes, orgasm fight, what happens when you cross American comic books with Japanese animation. I can't even make this up. A few years ago when…