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In which Mr. Bones makes a wish on his Lucky Star.

What can I say about Lucky Star that the internet has not already heard? A show about four average high school girls and their conversations and adventures, sign me up! What anime lover couldn't love the main character Konata? A lover of anime and video games, who would rather chill out with her hobbies than anything else. Despite the argument that in the show universe she is undesirable I don't know many other anime fans that would say no to going out with a girl who is into the same thing as they are. There is also the Hiiragi sisters, Tsukasa and Kagami, respectively the short-haired dopey younger sister, and the long-haired tsundere older sister, and finally Miyuki, the bespectacled moe lass from a wealthy family. Many other interesting characters come out of the woodwork as the series moves on including, Konata's cousin Yutaka, and her older sister Officer Yui Narumi, many other classmates and family members surround the main girls in their daily lives.

The show being…

In which Mr. Bones actually makes good on his promises

Howdy again everyone out there in internet land, Mr. Bones returns, and it has been another splendid week here in paradise and another anime absorbed. This week I aim to tell all about Magical Project S parts 1 and 2. The show is what happens when the animation team and writers behind the Tenchi universes are given lee-way to write an original story using characters from said universe in new roles.

The premise behind this version of the Tenchi universe is there are two inhabited planets in our solar system, Earth and Jurihelm, Jurihelm is a planet of spiritual people which still have functioning magic, but exist in a different dimension slightly out of sync with ours due to a diverging philosophy plot device. We choose science, and they chose magic, hijinks ensued. Now here is the crux, the planet Jurihelm is picking a new queen, and it just so happens that there are 3 candidates, The winner ends up being Tsunami, who is a big dopey "troll" of a goddess/queen candidate. Tsu…

In which Bones finally had something to say

In a strange turn of events, mostly because Kiki is still embroiled in her own madness, I, Mr. Bones will be writing about a romantic comedy anime from the 80’s. Ladies and gentleman I watched the hilarious train wreck that is Kimagure Orange Road (KOR). I picked up KOR on a whim last summer from Half-Price Books. This giant box set of ultimate destiny sat in my “to watch” pile until January of this year when after graduating from college I had the time to sit down and start watching it. So, how do the Japanese throw a twist into the standard one male protagonist and 2 female love interest triangle story? EASY, it’s called making him and his entire family a bunch of psychics with assorted powers! Needless to say hijinks ensue.

The show is centered on Kyosuke Kasuga, a 15 year old goofball who has just moved to a new city. While climbing the steps in the park near his house he comes across the first of his romantic interests, bad girl Madoka Ayukawa, this girl is the very image of prett…