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Oh look it's a Kiki post...

Ello there internet peoples...Kiki here. 

I know I've been rather radio silent(at least here anyway) since uh, December of last year but life really threw far to many things at once in my direction. Instead of going into the little nitty gritty details I'll just stick to the major incidents. My mother went into the hospital because her heart went haywire, while staying in urgent care she suffered two strokes, and after she recovered she had a quintuple bypass. During this time my father-in law was in and out of the hospital due to renal failure and my own father was stuck in a nursing home still doing physical therapy for his broken leg. Life was looking a little up when my mother came home, her surgery was successful and she'd mostly recovered the use of her left side. Then my father-in law was sent home from another temporary stay at the emergency room so that he could die in his home. My father caught an urinary track infection and because of complications due to cancer his white cell count would not go down. My father-in law died earlier in the morning when his lungs stopped functioning , roughly eight days later my father died. Both deaths were expected and frankly freedom from their suffering but for those of us who are still here, life got extra complicated. I had to move my mother and my own family into a new place on a very short time limit. Hell we are still trying to unpack, but life has settled a bit and I've removed those from my life that never deserved to be called family. 

Life is returning to normal and so will my ability to do things for the site. Bones has been wonderful, creating content, keeping in touch with me, and just generally being awesome. I have a lot of plans that I've already began work on and the return of The Super Happy Fun Jabbertron Tea Party is one of them!

See you all soon.


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