Opps I did it again...

So I (Kiki) went into the hospital again on the 7th. Went into the emergency room with vomiting and pain, turns out I had a bile duct blockage so they admitted me. They used a fancy camera thingy that went down my throat to the remove the blockage, which was sludge likely left by a stone, and since I was already there they opted to move up my gallbladder removal. As this shit was just gonna keep happening if they didn't so I returned home on the 9th sans gallbladder and really bloody sore. The blockage procedure and the oxygen apparatus from the gall bladder removal did a number on my throat and mouth so I sound horrid while felling a decent amount of pain from the incision sites of my gall bladder surgery. I'm sore, tender, and really just plain tired. So updates gotta go on a mini hiatus for a little while again. Come back in like a week, maybe there will be something. 

Until then have my belly.