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In which Mr. Bones learns to stop worrying and love the female form.

Good day true believers! I have heard many suggestions, and taken under advisement from the Lady Kikimaru this week I am reviewing Witchblade, yes dear readers that anime based of the American comic book.

 Witchblade follows Masane Amaha, a wielder of the namesake weapon mcguffin, who is a immature single mother who some years ago after survive the big tokyo earthquake There is no real good way to describe this show without making many lame boob jokes. Seriously, look at this lady! The show centers around Masane and her daughter, Rihoko, daily struggles to stay together and remain happy. The shows dynamic is built on Masane's symbiosis with the Witchblade Gauntlet, which basically turns her into a scantly clad super heroine who fights monsters and other scantly clad super villnesses. These ladies, for a lack of a better word, orgasm fight.

Yes, orgasm fight, what happens when you cross American comic books with Japanese animation. I can't even make this up. A few years ago when Raidrinn and I first started our foray into recording out thoughts on this type of thing, this was both of our thoughts after the first fight between the female blade holders. All the female characters are built to some male favored body shape, the men are all thin and lanky or big and scrubby.

Given all this, Funimation managed an above average dub, the sexual undertones are hilarious both during normal dialogue and in battle scenes. The voices all seem believable coming from the characters and the voice acting seems natural. The show was cleaned up post-broadcast and definitely shows how much extra time spent can really improve the visual aspects of a show. The physical presentation of the packaging is really nice, I actually like the think-pak type boxsets, its a nice clean white box with a picture of Witchblade Masane.

Witchblade is well worth your time if you like anime series with not only heart, but also dubbers with a sense of humor. So I most definitely think its worth at least a try, but maybe not a blind buy. so with that, join me next week when I review another anime series, and as always I am always looking for suggestions on what to review next so feel free to leave a comment or email, and I will probably review your favorite series or movie.

This is Mr. Bones wishing you all the best, and if I don't see you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night...


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