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In which Mr. Bones makes a wish on his Lucky Star.

What can I say about Lucky Star that the internet has not already heard? A show about four average high school girls and their conversations and adventures, sign me up! What anime lover couldn't love the main character Konata? A lover of anime and video games, who would rather chill out with her hobbies than anything else. Despite the argument that in the show universe she is undesirable I don't know many other anime fans that would say no to going out with a girl who is into the same thing as they are. There is also the Hiiragi sisters, Tsukasa and Kagami, respectively the short-haired dopey younger sister, and the long-haired tsundere older sister, and finally Miyuki, the bespectacled moe lass from a wealthy family. Many other interesting characters come out of the woodwork as the series moves on including, Konata's cousin Yutaka, and her older sister Officer Yui Narumi, many other classmates and family members surround the main girls in their daily lives.

The show being a slice of life comedy covers many varied topics and events. Such amazing conversations such as what end of a chocolate cornette do you eat first give us an idea of what these ladies talk about when they get together. Their varied adventures gave me something to laugh about, and let us see women in roles that are almost exclusively male. This fact really helped sell the show to audiences and is part of the reason I enjoyed it.
The series was licensed around the same time that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was, thus leading to interesting English voice actor parallels with the Japanese dub, both the English and Japanese Voice actresses play the main characters in both series which I found interesting. The choice for voices worked well, and the actresses all did an ample job emoting.

The show came in two versions through volume 5, a regular edition, and super limited edition with a different cover art that looks like Konata's hand drawings of the characters. Unfortunately due to lack of demand, the pictured six volume was cancelled, and only a regular version was released. The box-set is neat with a horizontal aspect and being made of hard particle board. The shows lack of a sixth LE version was a major let down, but otherwise the presentation on the shelf is clean and bright.

 Having said that, that's my review for this week ladies and gentlemen. Next week I Don't have a planned series to review as I am currently working on watching other series in order to have something fresh to review. Perhaps the viewership would like to suggest something for me to review next, leave your comments and let me know what you want to see me tackle in my next review.

This is Mr. Bones wishing you all the best, and if I don't see you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night...


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